At Berkeley Law, research is part of our DNA. As a public law school, our mission compels us to tackle the thorniest problems facing society.

Our school hosts more than a dozen research centers and initiatives where faculty and researchers seek solutions to wide-ranging challenges: Developing business strategies to combat global warming. Safeguarding intellectual property in the global economy. Enabling access to high-quality education for all children. They are producing new knowledge, shaping legislation, educating judges, advising government officials, and partnering with people across every sector of society to deliver results.

  • Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy

    BCLBE is the hub of Berkeley Law’s cutting edge research and teaching on the impact of law on business and the United States’ and global economies.

  • Berkeley Center for Law & Technology

    The BCLT promotes the understanding and guides the development of intellectual property and related fields of law and policy as they intersect with business, science and technology.

  • Center for Law, Energy & the Environment

    CLEE is a research center whose mission is to foster interdisciplinary environmental law and policy research and to translate that research into pragmatic solutions.

  • Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice

    Established in 1999, the Henderson Center produces and fosters creative scholarship that examines the law through a lens of social justice, and works in partnership with communities to provide education to the general public.

  • Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy

    The Warren Institute produces research, policy prescriptions, and curricular innovation on civil rights, education, criminal justice, family and economic security, immigration and healthcare issues facing California and the nation.

  • The Center for the Study of Law and Society

    The Center for the Study of Law and Society fosters empirical research and theoretical analysis concerning legal institutions, legal processes, legal change, and the social consequences of law.

  • California Constitution Center

    The California Constitution Center is the first and only center at any law school devoted exclusively to studying the constitution and high court of the state of California.

  • Korea Law Center icon

    Korea Law Center

    The Korea Law Center will address the development of the Korean legal, constitutional, and political systems by bringing together scholars, judges, and others to foster a robust exchange of ideas and research.

  • CRRJ icon

    Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice

    The Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice is dedicated to broadening the conversation on reproductive rights and choices through legal scholarship, teaching and conferences, and by bolstering law and policy advocacy efforts.

  • Human Rights Center

    The Human Rights Center promotes human rights and international justice worldwide and trains the next generation of human rights researchers and advocates.

  • Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies

    The institute develops opportunities for research, programming, visiting scholars, colloquia and classes to strengthen academic inquiry and discourse related to Jewish and Israeli topics across the Berkeley campus.

  • ILR icon

    The Institute for Legal Research

    The Institute combines research, teaching, and public service in constitutional law and history, criminal justice, and environmental law and policy. It houses the Sho Sato Program in Japanese and U.S. Law, and the Law of the Sea Institute.

  • The Honorable G. William and Ariadna Miller Institute for Global Challenges and the Law

    The Miller Institute supports populations overlooked or unprotected by existing legal infrastructure, with a global focus on climate and energy justice, corruption, rule of law and human rights.

  • Kadish Center for Morality, Law & Public Affairs

    The Kadish Center seeks to promote research and reflection on moral philosophical issues in law and public life, with special concern for the substantive aspects of criminal law.

  • Statewide database icon

    Statewide Database

    The Statewide Database is the redistricting database for the State of California. The Statewide Database is a non-partisan resource on census data, elections and election data, districting on all levels, and voting rights.

  • Elections Center icon

    The Election Administration Research Center

    The Election Administration Research Center seeks to improve the administration of elections, both within the US and internationally, through research, education, training, technical assistance, and public outreach.

  • Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy & Public Finance

    The Burch Center promotes research in tax policy and public finance, disseminates this research to the academic and tax policy communities, and stimulates informed discussion of tax policies of national significance.