Apply to the Clinics

Please join us for the virtual Clinical Program Spring 2022 Info Session, Monday, Oct. 25, 12:50-2 p.m.

After the initial presentation, each clinic will have a separate Zoom call with faculty and current students. Joining details below:

Death Penalty Clinic
East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)*
Environmental Law Clinic

International Human Rights Law Clinic
New Business Community Law Clinic
Policy Advocacy Clinic
Samuelson Technology, Law & Public Policy Clinic

*EBCLC Clinics
Clean Slate Clinic
Community Economic Justice Clinic
Consumer Justice and General Clinic
Education Advocacy Clinic
Health and Welfare Clinic
Housing Law Clinic
Immigration Law Clinic
Youth Defender Clinic

Applications for Spring 2022 open Oct. 25 and are due at noon on Monday, Nov. 1.

All clinics accept applications from 2Ls and 3Ls. (Clinics are not accepting 1Ls for the spring 2022 semester, though this may change for spring 2023.) All clinics, except for the Death Penalty Clinic, also accept applications from LL.M. students. Some clinics also accept applications from graduate students.

Students can apply to the Clinical Program twice a year:

  • Apply in mid-October for the spring semester
  • Apply in mid-April for the fall semester 

In student selection, as in all aspects of the program, the clinics are committed to an equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist learning and practice environment.

Students may enroll in only one experiential learning opportunity/program (clinic, field placement, or practicum) each semester. If a student wants to enroll in more than one of these programs in a semester, the student must have permission of both instructors. Academic Rule 3.1(b)(3).

Check out a video of our recent clinics info session here.

Click here to access the clinic application.