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PLEASE NOTE: Our Early Interview Week (EIW) program has been moved to January 2021. The content on this page is under review and will be updated to reflect the new timeline in the coming months.


Interviewing On-Campus Before and During the Fall Semester (EIW and FIP)

(Updated 06/20)

Berkeley Law holds two interview programs before and during the Fall Semester.  The first takes place over the course of a single week well before classes begin (called our Early Interview Week, or EIW); the other takes place after classes are underway (known as our Fall Semester Interview Program or FIP).

Based on employer input, we believe the timing of the earlier program — EIW — is better suited to firms with larger summer programs and bigger permanent hiring needs.  The later program — FIP — is more tailored to the needs of public interest, government, and smaller firms (i.e., firms with less than 100 lawyers firmwide).  Employers in either program can choose to interview 2L, 3L, LL.M., or J.S.D students.  See below for additional descriptions of EIW and FIP.

Click here for a profile of our diverse and talented students. 

First-time participants in either of our on-campus interview programs can register free of charge.  Public interest employers and government agencies are never charged registration fees.

Employers with positions available, but who are unable to travel to Berkeley during any of the designated interview program periods should contact our Employer Relations and Recruitment Programs Manager, Elizabeth Granlund, at or 510-643-7242, to make alternative arrangements. 

Employers who are unable to travel to Berkeley at all this fall, should consider posting a job announcement on our jobs database, the b-Line


In 2020, EIW will take place in January 2021.  EIW interviews are assigned entirely by student lottery.  Participating employers are not able to prescreen candidates.  Interviews generally take place at the nearby Hotel Shattuck Plaza. 

More details will be available soon.

We added the EIW Resume Collect option for employers who prefer the timeline of EIW, but are unable to attend interviews at Hotel Shattuck Plaza. Please make sure to select the “EIW Resume Collect” option in the session drop-down menu in b-Line if you are interested in registering for that program.


Employers who register for our FIP are able to select the candidates they want to interview on-campus based on a prior review of their resumes and (if requested) cover letters. 

Berkeley Law does not permit employers in any of our interview programs to review student transcripts in advance (nor do we permit employers to contact students directly for this information in advance of their interviews).  Students are instructed to bring copies of their transcripts to their interviews.

In order to participate in FIP, an employer must be a public interest organization, a government agency, or a law firm with fewer than 100 attorneys firmwide.  FIP-eligible employers are free to participate in EIW instead; however, they will be unable to prescreen candidates.    

Please click here for details and step-by-step instructions on how to submit a schedule request on b-Line.

Questions regarding any of our inteview programs can be directed to Berkeley Law’s Employer Relations and Recruitment Programs Manager, Elizabeth Granlund, at or 510-643-7242.

Interviewing On-Campus During the Spring Semester (SIP)

(Updated 10/19)

Our Spring Interview Program — SIP — is held each year during the early part of the spring semester.  Interviews take place at Berkeley Law. 

As in our later Fall Program (FIP), students apply for interviews and employers are then able to pre-screen applicants, inviting those in whom they are interested. In the Spring, employers may interview 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students.

More details will be available in the Fall.

For more information on the Spring OCI program, contact Elizabeth Granlund, Berkeley Law’s Employer Relations and Recruitment Programs Manager at 510-643-7242 or

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