Interview Programs

We appreciate your interest in recruiting Berkeley Law students. We encourage you to review the statistics of our current entering class.

Berkeley Law has multiple interview programs employers can participate throughout the year. Prior to the start of the Fall Semester classes we hold our Early Interview Week, or EIW, where students take part in interviews during the course of a week. Once classes are underway we host our Fall Semester Interview Program or FIP, and during the beginning of the spring semester, we host the Spring Interview Program or SIP. See below for more detailed descriptions of EIW, FIP and SIP.

Private sector employers will be charged registration fees for any of our interview programs. Public interest employers and government agencies are never charged registration fees. Berkeley Law does not permit employers in any of our interview programs to review student transcripts in advance (nor do we permit employers to contact students directly for this information in advance of their interviews). Students are instructed to provide copies of their transcripts during their interviews.

Employers with positions available, but who are unable to travel to Berkeley during any of the designated interview program periods should email our Employer Relations and Recruitment Programs Manager, Elizabeth Granlund, at, and should consider posting a job announcement on our jobs database, b-Line.  


EIW focuses more on private sector summer and postgraduate hiring. Through the EIW program employers may interview 2nd and 3rd year students. This year EIW interviews will take place August 1-4, 2023. All interviews are in Pacific Time and held virtually. EIW interviews are assigned entirely by student lottery, therefore participating employers are not able to prescreen candidates.

Please review the program details and registration instructions for EIW or EIW Resume Collect.


FIP focuses more on public interest organization, a government agency, or small/mid-size law firm hiring for summer internships and post-graduate positions. Through the FIP program employers may interview 2nd, and 3rd year students. Employers who register for our FIP are able to select the candidates they want to interview based on a prior review of their application materials. 

FIP employers are free to participate in EIW instead; however, they will be unable to prescreen candidates.    

Please review the program details and registration instructions for FIP.


Similar to our Fall Program (FIP), students apply through the program and employers are then able to pre-screen applicants, inviting those in whom they are interested. Through the program employers may interview 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students for summer internships and post-graduation positions. This year, the employer registration deadline is December 13, 2023. Interviews will take place from January 22 – February 2, 2024.

Please review the program details and registration instructions  for SIP.