Here are some of their stories:


Karl Lindemann, ’18                                                                  Federal Public Defender-Northern District of California, Oakland

“This field placement absolutely met my educational and professional goals. I wanted to get a lot of experience in legal research and writing, with feedback and criticism, and that is exactly what I got. I learned a lot about federal law and procedure generally, and was also exposed to federal criminal trial practice. It was a fascinating experience, and I definitely made the right choice in choosing this job.”


Kristoff Williams, ’18                                                                  Contra Costa County Public Defenders’ Office

“The field placement program at Berkeley Law is amazing. Prior to coming to law school, I never thought I would have the opportunity to represent clients in court before becoming a licensed attorney. Now, I will be graduating with experience most people will never get.”


Anvy Nguyen, ’16                                                                 European Commissions, DG Justice and Consumers

“The [Away] field placement program is one of the best things I did at Berkeley law. Not only was I able to travel and learn more about myself and the world, but I learned so much about the law in an international context. It was so inspiring being around other intelligent, like-minded individuals and being exposed to different cultures. I would not have changed this experience for anything.”


Christine Dutko, ’15                                                                  Pangea Legal Services

“I would not have had such a good idea of what I want to do after law school if it hadn’t been for my [field placement] experiences both semesters: one convinced me that environmental law practice wasn’t for me, and one further confirmed that immigration practice is where I want to be working.”


Kelly Vargas, ’16                                                                  Federal Trade Commission

“I loved so many things about the field placement program and the fact that Berkeley Law allows us to go extern and get some practical experience is wonderful. My experience at the FTC truly enriched my overall law school experience and for that I am very appreciative.”


Lindsay Walter, ’16                                                                     US DOJ Environmental and Natural Resources Division – San Francisco

“My skills have vastly improved, and I feel more confident going into my summer firm job because of this placement. I also know more about environmental law and about the DOJ. I was welcomed into the DOJ ENRD family, and know I will keep in touch with the office beyond law school.”


Roxana Guidero, ’16                                                                     US Attorney’s Office, San Francisco

“I think the placement program at Berkeley is an amazing opportunity that every student should take advantage of. After taking three semesters of classes, I can’t imagine a better experience than getting to put that knowledge into real practice at a field placement. Part of becoming a great lawyer is learning how to interact in the workplace, so I think this is experience is crucial to law students.”