Business Services


Effective March 30, 2015, Berkeley Law will transition to Campus Shared Services Business and Financial Services (CSS B&FS) to process many of your business transactions.  While the familiar procedures for submitting purchase, payment, and general reimbursement requests may change only slightly, your requests will now be handled by a new team of individuals located at CSS headquarters in downtown Berkeley.

Campus Shared Services B&FS will take the lead on processing:

  • Travel and entertainment reimbursement requests
  • All purchases using bluCard and Event Planner Cards
  • Your BearBuy shopping carts – virtually all business requests will now be handled via BearBuy

Berkeley Law Business Services will partner with CSS B&FS to ensure a smooth transition for the law school community.  Business Services will provide BearBuy user training and will develop and expand our current library of user job aids.  Business Services will continue to process:

  • Revenue deposits
  • Incoming wire transfers
  • Payments to our relationship accounts (Taxi services, Faculty Clubs)
  • Purchases of airplane and train tickets
  • Arrangements for local taxi and limousine service
  • Stipends to students via SiS
  • Access to account for direct-bill shipping
  • Delegations of authority for chartstring signatures