How to Apply

  1. Apply Online
  2. Students are urged to contact the Field Placement Director, Sue Schechter, to schedule an advising session to discuss plans and goals. She is located in 471 Boalt Hall and can be contacted by phone (510) 643-7387,  fax (510) 643-6948, or by email at
  3. Through an advising session, students can identify appropriate placements and proceed on the application process directly with the organizations.  Students will be directed to the Civil, Judicial, Criminal, and Away sections of the website for a list of approved placements and other ideas.
  4. Once students have lined up a field placement or judicial externship, they must complete the Field Placement Application Form above.
  5. In order to receive academic credit, students must have an application approved by the Field Placement Director.  Once the application is approved, students will receive a course control number for the placement and the seminar, if applicable, to enroll through TeleBears.
  6. Field placements follow the Law School’s Academic Rules in the 295 Series, including the limit that students may take no more than 10 field placement units (out of the 15 non-classroom units) while enrolled at the law school.  In compliance with the ABA rules, first year students are not eligible for academic credit to do field placements.

American Bar Association Standard 305. Study Outside the Classroom

Practical Training of Law Students