Reproductive Justice Project

The Reproductive Justice Project advocates for bodily autonomy and the right to choose whether and under what circumstances people have and raise children by supporting reproductive rights groups around the globe.

This year, RJP will be offering a variety of projects with organizations committed to advancing reproductive justice. With the continuing state and national attacks on abortion rights and access, we will be assisting organizations who are poised to protect people’s right and ability to choose. Additionally, RJP will be partnering with organizations in other areas, potentially including workplace protections for pregnant employees, international human rights law, and gender-based violence. Students will have the opportunity to rank their preferences for which organization and which project they want to be assigned. Due to the sensitive nature of RJP’s partner organizations’ work, the exact details of each project are highly confidential unless indicated otherwise.

Projects take the form of proactive (policy) or reactive (litigation) work on the national or state-level. Regardless of the topic, students will engage in research related to statistics, policy initiatives, cases, and existing regulations. Depending on the organization’s needs, students will then create deliverables, such as research spreadsheets, policy recommendations, memoranda, and/or briefs.

Supervision: Students in the Reproductive Justice Project will receive training and supervision from attorneys associated with their individual research projects.  

Time Commitment: 15+ hours per semester (minimum 15 hours, option to extend if applicants are interested in long-term projects).

For more information, please contact the student leaders at