Reproductive Justice Project

The Reproductive Justice Project (“RJP”) provides legal support to attorneys working in various reproductive rights and justice realms across the country. We have two ongoing projects which both entail legal research and preparing memoranda: (1) the Provider Claims Project and (2) the Judicial Bypass Initiative.

The Provider Claims Project provides assistance to abortion providers across the country that are targeted by persistent and unlawful harassers. Our goal is to assist the lawyers on the ground, who are engaged in tort litigation related to this kind of harassment, by preparing legal memoranda on the civil laws of each state related to particular torts.

The Judicial Bypass Initiative supports minors seeking to bypass parental notification and approval laws. Some states require that a minor seeking an abortion must either notify a parent or obtain consent from a parent in order to have the abortion. Minors who are not willing or able to involve their parents may obtain a judicial bypass. The process is onerous, punitive, and impacts the most vulnerable minors. This project is aimed at providing support and training to both the minors affected by these laws and the attorneys working with them.

RJP is a great way to get involved in the reproductive rights movement. While we recently had a major victory in the Whole Woman’s Health decision, there is still a lot of work to be done. The project is flexible with time and also a great way to get more experience with legal research and writing.

Time Commitment:  A total of 12-16 hours per semester with meetings every other Monday evening (6-8 p.m.) at the law school. Trainings are held during the lunch hour in early October.

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