Reproductive Justice Project

The Reproductive Justice Project (“RJP”) at Berkeley Law provides legal support to attorneys working in various reproductive rights and justice realms across the country. We focus on legal research projects and have provided support to abortion providers seeking to practice across state lines and those engaged in active litigation.

Judicial Bypass Project: The Judicial Bypass Initiative supports minors seeking to bypass parental notification and approval laws. Some states require that a minor seeking an abortion must either notify a parent or obtain consent from a parent in order to have the abortion. Minors who are not willing or able to involve their parents may obtain a judicial bypass. The process is onerous, punitive, and impacts the most vulnerable minors. This project is aimed at providing support and training to both the minors affected by these laws and the attorneys working with them.

We are also working with other organizations on several different projects, and availability will depend on organizational need. Some topics include:

  • Telemedicine and Abortion
  • Self-Induced Abortion
  • More to come!

 Time Commitment: 

12-16 hours (including trainings and research meetings). We expect that you will attend 3 lunch trainings, where we bring in practicing attorneys to discuss reproductive justice lawyering. We also expect that you will attend the bi-weekly research meetings (which take place every other Wednesday during lunch) on campus. We are more than willing to accommodate schedule conflicts if that time does not work for you!

Supervision: Students in RJP are supervised by Jessica Goldberg, Manager of Attorney & Pro Bono Programs at If/When/How and Rachel Johnson-Farias, Executive Director at the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice, Berkeley Law.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at

How To Apply