Field Placement Program

Berkeley Law Field Placements and Judicial Externships: Learning to Work, Working to Learn

The Field Placement Program offers qualified student the opportunity to expand their legal education beyond the bounds of the law school building. Students are eligible for academic credit for field placements if they meet the following criteria:

  • Students extern at a non-profit or government agency
  • Students are directly supervised by an attorney
  • Students are doing legal work, broadly defined

Students do these placements part-time or full-time in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country and world.  Opportunities for placements include:

                                 Civil Placements     Criminal Placements     Judicial Externships     UCDC Law     

                                 Environmental Placements     Away     The Hague     INHR     

Students interested in any of the field placement and externship program options should review the FAQ to learn more about the specific requirements

Schedule an Advising Appointment         The Field Placement Application

Sue Schechter, the Field Placement Program Director at UC Berkeley Law School, has served the Berkeley Law community since summer of 2006. Sue has developed field placement seminars which she teaches, co-teaches, or supports practitioners teaching in the specialized seminars. You can contact Sue at, call her at (510) 643-7387, or schedule an advising appointment above. 

Field Placement Program Contacts
Sue Schechter, Field Placement Director and Lecturer-in-Residence, (510) 643-7387
Kiara Williams, Field Placement Program Coordinator, (510) 642-6818
Student Assistants

Administrative Rules

-Students are permitted to do a total of 18 units of Field Placement and/or Judicial Externship units in the course of their 2L and 3L years. See academic rules for further guidance: Students are limited to 5 units in the fall of their 2L year.

-UNITS: Students in their 3rd semester of law school can do a maximum of 5 Field Placement units. Students in their 4th, 5th, or 6th semesters of law school may complete their field placement for 4-12 units.
The units are calculated on an hourly basis. See the chart below for a unit/hour breakdown. Students continuing field placements or other internships may propose 2-4 units.

-FULL-TIME FIELD PLACEMENTS/JUDICIAL EXTERNSHIPS: Students seeking full-time Field Placements or Judicial Externships must seek ‘academic clearance’ from the Student Services Office. When you have received clearance from Student Services, you must send an email to AND confirming your clearance.

– REMOTE/IN-PERSON/HYBRID PLACEMENTS: Students will have the option to complete their field placements in an in-person, remote, or hybrid mode. This includes field placement opportunities at non-profit and government agencies away from the Bay Area.

– CLASS/REFLECTIVE COMPONENTS: If you are living in the Bay Area, you are required to take one of the in-person seminars. If you are living away from the Bay Area, you are strongly encouraged to take the 1-unit Away Field Placement Workshop. Students doing field placements/judicial externships are required to take an accompanying class component or reflective component. Further information will be provided in the appropriate Application section.

-LL.M. STUDENTS: Students must speak with an advisor in the ADP office to determine if a Field Placement or Judicial Externship is appropriate in their proposed plan of study. LLM students are only eligible for Civil, Criminal, Judicial, and Environmental Placements.

-EXPERIENTIAL PROGRAM LIMITS: Students are advised to enroll in only one experiential learning opportunity/program (clinic, field placement/judicial externship, or some practicum) each semester. If a student wants to enroll in more than one of these programs in a semester, the student must have the permission of both instructors.

-COMPENSATION: You may not receive financial compensation from your Placement/Externship (outside of reasonable out-of-pocket reimbursements).

-AWAY FIELD PLACEMENT/JUDICIAL EXTERNSHIPS: If you are traveling away from the Bay Area, students are required to make their own housing, travel, and visa arrangements. The Law School does not provide visa advising.


The Field Placement Program is governed by ABA Standard 304: Study Outside the Classroom and Berkeley Law Academic Rule 3 – the 295 Series – (c) Limitations.