LRAP Application Forms

Please read the How to Apply section of this website before submitting an application.

Application for LRAP (for new and continuing participants)

  • Before starting your LRAP application, review the Checklist here
  • Submitting an application is required to receive initial and renewal LRAP loans

Employer verification Form (to certify your income at the beginning and end of a contract; a required document)

Conflict of Interest Form (required to receive LRAP payments for all new participants)

Forgiveness Application (determines how much of your LRAP loan is eligible to be forgiven, i.e. cancelled)

  • Before starting your forgiveness application, review the Checklist here
  • Submitting a forgiveness application at the end of each LRAP contract is required

Employment Certification Form for PSLF (through Federal Student Aid) 

  • You should submit this form to FedLoan Servicing annually, and at least every time you change jobs, if you plan to pursue PSLF.
  • If your loan servicer is not FedLoan Servicing, your loans will be transferred to FedLoan Servicing after initially submitting this form. During this time you may be unable to make payments on your loans for 1-2 months. Please notify us if you plan to submit this form to FedLoan Servicing.