Armbien Sabillo ’21


Photo of Armbien Sabillo, J.D. '21
Armbien Sabillo, J.D. ’21

“As a queer, brown immigrant, it took the help of many communities to get me where I am today, and pro bono work is one way I can share the fruits of our collective labor. I trained in science and law, and I want to use both tools to address the needs of underserved populations, particularly communities of color.

Currently, I work with California Lawyers for the Arts (CLA) through the Arts & Innovation Representation SLP. We organize legal clinics and create educational materials for local inventors. I work with CLA because patent law is especially inaccessible to the public, and I want to help my communities pursue and protect their intellectual passions.

I am also a translator for the San Francisco Pathways to Citizenship Initiative (SFPCI). We host naturalization workshops throughout the Bay Area. Innovation comes from diverse perspectives, and the world is a better place when we invest in immigrant communities and nurture fresh new ideas. I work with SFPCI and CLA to be a catalyst for both equity and innovation.

Pro bono work helps you discover new skills, sharpen existing ones, and expand your legal network. But most importantly, pro bono work is a tangible way to stay rooted to your communities and to advance social progress.”


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