Areas of Study


Students enrolled at Berkeley Law may choose to focus their studies in a particular interest area and begin developing a specialty within the law.

Berkeley Law’s curriculum gives students the opportunity to study one subject in a sustained manner and at a more advanced level than is usually possible in general law school courses.

When J.D. students elect this concentrated study, they may take two to four prerequisite courses during their second year and then spend a significant portion of their third year taking more specialized courses, sometimes including a research seminar that addresses advanced issues in the concentration field.

LL.M. students may use their elective units to take a broad range of subject matters, or focus their studies in one of the areas of study that will result in a certificate. Students may take the certificate requirements into consideration when enrolling in classes in all of their semesters, and will apply to their chosen certificate in the semester before their graduation. Certificate availability varies by LL.M. program track.