Free The Land Project

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FTLP will provide direct services to organizations by helping to navigate city processes involved in land use, housing, and environmental justice, as well as dissecting legislation to build mutual understanding of how it can be used as a tool for organizer goals. We will also work to identify the legislative gaps that exist in addressing the on-the-ground needs of communities to figure out where there may be room to propose new legislation. One ongoing project includes supporting organizations addressing housing and displacement in the Bay through liberating properties from the speculative market, while others may include opportunities to support local efforts towards curbing harmful emissions and land use practices in West Oakland.

This project seeks to provide support to grassroots organizers in their land, housing, and environmental justice goals. We want to provide opportunities for Berkeley Law students to engage with BIPOC-led organizations in the Bay Area fighting for the liberation rights of the most vulnerable communities.

Supervision: Students will receive training from and provide pro bono legal services under the supervision of attorneys at Change Lab Solutions and the Sustainable Economies Law Center.

Time Commitment: Minimum of 10 – 15 hours a semester. Monthly meeting with the group members (1 hour, date and time TBD). Weekly research cafés (2 hours, optional for students doing research, date and time TBD). Possible monthly meeting with supervising attorneys (30 min-1 hour)

For more information, please contact the student leaders at