We are using CalCentral ( to enroll in classes again this semester.

Please follow these instructions for your enrollment:

  1. Select your classes
  2. Enroll in your classes

A. Create a Shopping Cart

B. Finish your Enrollment

About Wait Lists

Step 1 – Go to the Schedule of Classes to Select Your Classes


Find the five digit ‘Class Number’ for each class that you want to take:

Class Number

Step 2 – Go to CalCentral to Enroll in Classes

Log in to CalCentral ( using your CalNet ID.


Choose ‘My Academics’ from the blue navigation bar at the top of the page


Find your ‘Class Enrollment’ card in the right hand column of the My Academics Page.

Note that you will be limited to enrolling in 8 units during Phase 1 of enrollment and 16 units during Phase 2.

Also note your enrollment times you do not want to miss them:

Step II A – Create a Shopping Cart

You can start adding classes to your shopping cart now. Then, when your enrollment appointment begins, you can quickly enroll by selecting the classes you want from your shopping cart.

Choose ‘Add’ when you’re ready to start creating your shopping cart

Use the class numbers from the Law School’s Schedule of Classes to add courses to your shopping cart. Put the class number into the box on the left marked ‘Enter Class Nbr’ and click enter.


Ignore the search button. Use the Law School’s Schedule of Classes instead.

After you enter the class number and hit enter, you will be shown details of the class you selected. Choose the Wait List option and you will be added to a wait list if the class is full at the time you enroll.


Choose NEXT to confirm your selection. This will add the course to your shopping cart.

Once added, your classes will appear under your ‘Fall 2018 Shopping Cart’ which looks like this:


Caution: You are not yet enrolled. This is just a shopping cart. You are not done yet. 

The status of a class may change. A class that is open when you add it to your shopping cart may have a wait list on the day you enroll. If that’s the case, see below for more info on how to add yourself to a wait list.

Step II B – Finish your Enrollment

When it is your appointment time, click the select buttons for the  units that you would like to enroll in. Below is an example for Phase I, where students are limited to 8 units. For Phase II and for new students, the limit is 16 units. Please remember that waitlisted units will count towards your unit total:


You will be prompted to ‘Confirm Classes.’  If the classes are correct, choose ‘Finish Enrolling’.


‘View results’ will confirm your enrollment status.


You can return to your shopping cart to enroll in other classes if you were not able to enroll or if you were waitlisted in your preferred classes.

When you are finished enrolling, your enrolled classes will appear on your enrollment card in CalCentral.

What if the class I want has a Wait List?

Even if a class was open when it was added to your shopping cart, it may have a Wait List when you enroll. If that’s the case, click on the class name to check the class details


Make sure you select ‘Wait list if class is full’


The NEXT button will take you back to the shopping cart where you can select the class and click Enroll to add the class to your schedule


Confirm your class and choose Finish Enrolling


‘View results’ will confirm your enrollment status including your position on the Wait List.


Your enrollment card in CalCentral will then show your Enrolled and Wait List classes


If you still have questions please contact the Registrar’s office at or call us at 510-642-2278.

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