Legal Automation Workshop

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The legal industry is often seen as lagging in technology, and many legal tasks and processes are conducive to automation. The Legal Automation Workshop (LAW) aims to partner with other SLPS and Bay Area pro bono service providers with legal automation needs. 

Students in LAW perform research to identify organizations and high-impact areas where existing workflows can be streamlined through automation, leading to improvements in our clients’ overall efficiency. Students will also scope the minimum-viable product and participate in the design, build, testing, and delivery.

At LAW, students can make meaningful contributions to the provision of pro bono legal services, gain hands-on experience in application software, and expand their knowledge of a growing trend in the legal industry. The hours, pace, and volume of work is highly flexible and variable depending on the student’s role.

Supervision: Students will receive training from and be under the supervision of attorneys at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. 

Time Commitment: 10-40 hours a semester depending on the type and number of projects members decide to take on. This estimate includes the initial training and monthly meetings.

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