Business Law Faculty

Berkeley Law supports a dynamic and growing team of business law faculty and research staff with expertise across multiple areas of study.

Core Faculty

Robert P. Bartlett III, Faculty Co-Director
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Finance and Business Law, Private Equity Transactions

Steven Davidoff Solomon, Faculty Co-Director
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Financial and Securities Regulation, Hedge Funds and Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Deals and Deal Theory, and Jurisdictional Competition

Kenneth M. Ayotte, Professor of Law
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Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Finance, Law and Economics

Richard Buxbaum, Professor of International Law
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International Business Transactions, European Union Law, Corporate Law

Robert Cooter, Professor of Law
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Law and Economics, Law and Economic Development

Aaron Edlin, Professor of Law and Economics
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Antitrust, Business Law, Contract Theory 

Stavros Gadinis, Assistant Professor
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Securities Regulation and International Business Transactions, and the relationship between the financial industry and government regulators

Prasad Krishnamurthy, Assistant Professor
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Financial Regulation, Antitrust and Competition Policy, Law and Development, and Distributive Justice

Justin McCrary, Professor of Law
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Public Policy and Economics

Anne Joseph O’Connell, Professor of Law
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Administrative Law (Regulation and Enforcement), Civil Litigation, Electronic Discovery

Kevin Quinn, Professor of Law
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Individual Decision Making, Statistical Methodology

Daniel Rubinfeld, Professor of Law
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Antitrust, Federalism, Public Economics, State and Local Finance, Economics of Litigation, Applied Econometrics