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Contact: betul.ayranci@berkeley.edu

SSRN: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=2393720;

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/betulayranci/

Dissertation Committee: Robert P. Merges (Chair), Molly Van Houweling, Chris Hoofnagle, Jonathan Gould, Coye Cheshire

Dissertation Topic: Transnational Copyright Law in the Digital Streaming Era

Research Interests: Intellectual Property Law, Social Justice, Transnational Law, International Business Transactions, Contracts, Torts, Sports and Entertainment Industries


Holding LL.M. degree from UC Berkeley Law with Fulbright Scholarship and thesis on the Right of Publicity of Athletes in the United States and European Union, Ms. Ayranci is active in entertainment industries across three continents with 8 years of practical legal experience, and current Robbins Fellow, Graduate Remote Instruction Innovation Fellow and JSD candidate at UC Berkeley Law. Her current work focuses on copyright law and policy in the content industries in the digital streaming era.

Ms. Ayranci is recognized by Legal500 as the youngest awardee of the General Counsel Powerlist (2017). She has been serving as the Disciplinary Board member of Turkish Hockey Federation; Advisory Board member of LawInSport and the Vice-Chair of Tech Sourcing and Shared Services of Technology Law Committee of the International Bar Association. She is also a judge and evaluator at the Jessup, Willem Vis, International Criminal Court and The National Native American Law Students Association moot court competitions.

Ms. Ayranci is the first lawyer from Turkey to be awarded the global scholarship by the IP, Communications and Technology Law Section of the International Bar Association, with her article “Digital Death: What Will Happen to Our Digital Assets When We Die?” Her work was published by The American Bar Association, International Bar Association, Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance, and the Startup Law platform of Turkey. Her recent scholarship is forthcoming by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Wolters Kluwer.

As a public speaker, Ms. Ayranci has delivered speeches and lectures worldwide at LL.M. and M.B.A. programs of respectable universities, and conferences of the International Bar Association, sports lawyers associations and SXSW, in Boston, Austin, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Sydney, London, Rome, Malmo and Istanbul, among others. She has worked as a research and teaching assistant to a number of distinguished professors at Berkeley Law and Political Science departments, and has served as an assistant editor at Berkeley Technology Law Journal, development editor at Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law and co-president at Berkeley Sports and Entertainment Law Society.

Ms. Ayranci holds an LL.B. degree cum laude from Bilkent University where she was admitted by ranking 56th among 1.8 million test-takers at the nationwide University Admissions Exam (L/SAT equivalent) of Turkey. She graduated from her school as the class valedictorian, and the volleyball team’s captain.


Constitutional Principles and Policies Shaping Copyright in Greater China in the Era of Digital Streaming, a chapter of THE HANDBOOK OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW IN GREATER CHINA, edited by professors Stuart Hargreaves, Ngoc Son Bui and Ryan Mitchell, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Intellectual Property and Social Justice on The International Plan, a chapter of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE anthology, edited by professors Steven Jamar and Lateef Mtima, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming in 2021.

MEDIA LAW IN TURKEY, MONOGRAPH, TURKEY CHAPTER, INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIAE OF LAWS, WOLTERS KLUWER. Manuscript submitted for publication, under editor review by professors Frank Hendrickx, Peggy Valcke and Eva Lievens of KU Leuven, Wolters Kluwer, forthcoming in 2021.

Right of Publicity of Athletes in the US and Europe published at American Bar Association Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, Volume 33, Issue 4, Summer 2017. By invitation.

Use of Drones in Sports Broadcasting published at American Bar Association Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, Volume 34, Issue 1, Spring 2017. By invitation.

Panama Papers & Duty of Confidentiality, session report, Legal Ethics section of the International Bar Association (“IBA”) at the IBA’s annual conference, October 2017, Sydney, Australia.

Ethical Concerns Related to Alternative Litigation Financing Companies, International Bar Association Professional Ethics Committee and the Alternative and New Law Business Structures Committee Joint Newsletter, October 2017. By invitation.

To Set Up a Company in the United States (originally in Turkish “Amerika’da Sirket Kurmak”), Startup Hukuku (the Startup Law platform of Turkey), April 02, 2017, available at <https://startuphukuku.com/amerikada-sirket-kurmak/>

Insurance: Is it Necessary or Luxury for Your Startup? (originally in Turkish “Sigorta: Startupiniz icin Gereklilik mi Luks mu?”, Startup Hukuku (the Startup Law platform of Turkey), February 20, 2017, available at <https://startuphukuku.com/startupinizi-sigorta-ettirmek/ >

To Pivot in 10 Steps (originally in Turkish “10 Adimda Pivot Etmek”), Startup Hukuku (the Startup Law platform of Turkey), January 13, 2017, available at <https://startuphukuku.com/10-adimda-pivot-etmek/>

O’Bannon: The Game has Changed, peer-reviewed blog post, Berkeley Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law, January 14, 2015, available at http://bjesl.net/obannon-the-game-has-changed/

Arbitrating IP Disputes in Turkey, Book Chapter, submitted to Mehmet Gun & Partners Law Firm to be submitted to Kluwer Arbitration in March 2014, published in December 2014 under partner attorneys’ names

The New Communiqué Regarding the Warning Signs to Be Put on the Packages of Alcoholic Beverages, (Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance Newsletter: GALA Gazette), September 2013, Volume VIII Issue IV

The New Draft Bill on Consumer Protection Law and Its Reflections on Advertisements, (Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance Newsletter: GALA Gazette), December 2012, Volume VII Issue V

The Protection Provided to Well-Known Trademarks (Turkish) successfully presented and defended before Istanbul Bar Association to fulfill the dissertation requirement for admission to Bar as attorney, 2012

Previous Degrees: 

LL.M., University of California Berkeley School of Law (2015)
LL.B., Bilkent University Faculty of Law (2011)