Berkeley Law Anti-Trafficking Project

The Berkeley Law Anti-Trafficking Project (BATPro) participates in research to fight human trafficking in a variety of ways. Our organization is broken out into two sub-groups; both groups have specific unique projects, but each incorporate aspects that target improving legal research and writing skills.  There are opportunities to work with experienced attorneys, research topics that touch on trafficking and immigration, political elections, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, BATPro seeks to empower youth in the community involved with, or at risk for, child sex and labor trafficking by educating them about the realities of human trafficking. The two subgroups of BATPro are: 

Immigration Research: In partnership with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, BATPro members work on researching and drafting legal guidelines for practitioners. Last year, members drafted a litigation guide for victims of trafficking who sought to apply for a T-Visa. Projects change depending on the semester, but some proposed projects for next semester are: 

(1) Researching and drafting a memo outlining proposed legislation changes impacting trafficking victims prior to and after the November election. 

(2) Researching how COVID has impacted practitioners and victims applying for T-Visas and how things may look going forward. 

(3) Research on current and future state legislation impacting trafficking victims. 

Community Outreach: BATPro works to promote anti-trafficking education and bring awareness to trafficking in the Bay Area. Last year, BATPro partnered with the undergraduate anti-trafficking coalition at UC Berkeley to have an open dialogue on how to combat trafficking in the Berkeley community. Additionally, students created a legal-research based art exhibition for the H.E.A.R.T project, an anti-trafficking organization, that will be showcased this Fall. This year, BATPro plans to continue its local outreach efforts with the undergraduate community and to expand our work with the H.E.A.R.T project.

Supervision: Students in BATPro provide legal services under the supervision of attorneys at Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

Time Commitment: Normal time commitment, including trainings, varies by program.  Some programs only require approximately 10-15 hours per semester, where others would fall more in the range of 20-25 hours per semester.  Flexibility exists in assigning programs, and if someone expresses an interest in a lower time commitment, we can accommodate them.

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