3L Degree Worksheet

This is a self-check degree worksheet for students beginning their third year of law school. Use it to check your progress toward the JD. You will also receive emails in the fall and spring of your 3L year with more info on your degree audit.

Requirements Completed

First Year Curriculum       _________________________________________________

Professional Responsibility  ______________________________________________

Constitutional Law ______________________________________________________

Writing Requirement ____________________________________________________

Experiential Requirement*  ______________________________________________

*The requirement is 6 units of experiential course work.

Normal Unit Progress

Check your first-year courses. You should have completed 30 units in your first year.
Completed, with __________ units.
(Transfer students: check your transfer units. Did you receive 28 units of transfer credit or 32 units? Find out now so you do not come up short when you expected to graduate.)

Assuming you have 30 units from your 1L year, you will need to average at least 13. 5 units per semester. Did you acquire another 27+ units your second year?
Completed, with __________ units.

Total Units Completed so far __________
(Don’t count courses with No Report (NR), In-Progress (IP), or Incomplete (I) grades in this category until they are completed and the final grade is displayed on your transcript.)

Plan for the Last Two Semesters

I am officially enrolled in __________ Fall units.

I will enroll in __________ units in Spring for a total of 85.

You must have 85 units completed by the end of the semester in which you plan to graduate. Please contact the Registrar (Carol Rachwald at 510-642-2278) if you have any questions.


LIMITS on Units Toward Graduation

Maximum Units Allowed

Completed Units

Law courses taken at another law school, including summer courses (petition required)(This doesn’t come out of the 18-unit cap).  


Maximim 18 units total are allowed in the areas below:    
Non-law courses, including courses at other graduate programs at Berkeley; all require a petition and permission from the Dean of Students


Joint degree/concurrent units (petition required)
These use up the 8 non-law units listed above.


Law Journals (one unit per semester cap during 2L and 3L years)


Advocacy Competitions (295.3, McBaine, etc, but not Directors)


Advocacy Competitions Student Director


Field Placements, Judicial Externships, Domestic Violence Practicum, IP Lab Practicum, and UCDC (295.4, 295.6, 295.7, 295.8, 295.9)


Independent Study (295.10, 297, 298, 298C, 299; petition required)


Foreign Study (petition required)