Degree Audit

Your Degree Audit is available on your Cal Central ‘My Academics’ page


You can (and should) check your degree audit on your Cal Central ‘My Academics’ page to confirm that your information is correct. Here’s how:

1) Go to your My Academics Page in Cal Central at  

2) Scroll down below your current enrollments in the center column

Arrow showing location of Law Degree Audit link below enrollments in the center column of Cal Central Academics page
The link to your degree audit is in the center column of your Cal Central My Academics page, below your current enrollments.

3) Select the blue ‘Law Degree Audit’ link. This will generate a pdf report summarizing the current status of your units and requirements.


4) Here’s what to look for:

  • Check your units to confirm that the currently enrolled and completed units add up the way you expected. Make sure you have a plan to get to the total units needed for your degree.
  • Confirm which of your degree requirements are ‘Satisfied,’ ‘Enrolled,’ or ‘Not Satisfied’ and have a plan for finishing your requirements in time for graduation.
  • If you have any IP grades, those will need to be completed before we can count the units toward your degree.
  • If you have classes listed as ‘Units Not Counted’ check the FAQs to understand why (if you do not have a ‘Units Not Counted’ on your degree audit then it does not apply and you need not worry about it). 
  • If you need more guidance on which classes or instructors will work best for your academic and professional needs, you can meet with Kyle, Chelsea, or Hannah in Student Services to discuss. 

5) If you need more information, start at ‘Law Degree Audit FAQs.’ Most questions are answered there. If yours is not, email me at    

6) Finally, remember to prioritize classes you need for graduation when you enroll. You can find more info on how to enroll at the following links: 

Your degree audit reflects our current view of your units and requirements needed for graduation. If anything looks wrong, let us know promptly so we can get it corrected.