J.S.D. Candidate Profiles

2015 Graduates

Esen Aksoylu

“What is Fair for Fair and Equitable Treatment?”

Jerome Hsiangjerome

“The Frontiers of Nonconsensual International and Transnational Law-making”

Olivia Kamra

[Paper Series] “Balancing Precedent in Treaty Arbitration”; “Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights Considerations in Investments in Developing Countries”; “Comparative Study of Chinese and Singaporean Investment Arbitration Systems”

Parichart Munsgool

“Environmental Damages in Thai Law: A Comparative Study”

Joseph Ohens

“How Do We Solve a Problem Like Nigeria? Transforming Natural Resources to Wealth in a Plural State”  

J.S.D. Candidates

Mohamed Abdelaal

Mohammadreza Alaeddini

Wang Chen

Hed Ehrlich

David Kasher

Zhiyu Li (李芷毓)Zhiyu Li thumbnail 


Visakha Phusamruat

Ivana Stradner

Aylin Akturk Sahin

Daniel Castano

Jose De Castro

Arienne Jimenez

Liling Lee

Mao-Hong Lin Photo_Mao-hong


Armando Rodriguez Maldonado

Kai-Ping Su

Shams Al Hajjaji

Fernando CastroFernando_Castro photo


Vittorio de’Medici-Rodrigues

Shiyuan Jing

Gi-Kuen Li

Diana Milanesi

talia_schwartz thumbnailTalia Schwartz Maor

Oscar Sumar Albujar