Animal Law and Advocacy

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The Animal Law and Advocacy Project (ALA) assists supervising attorneys at Animal Partisan to end the suffering of animals in slaughterhouses, farms, and laboratories by discovering, exposing, and challenging unlawful conduct.

Animal Partisan uses the law to disrupt and weaken the primary industries of animal exploitation in the United States by creatively engaging legal advocacy tools to undermine the ability of these industries to abuse and exploit animals, thereby making cruel practices less profitable and exposing unlawful conduct to the public. Animal Partisan explores a breadth of legal tools to achieve this goal – including animal welfare, food safety, permits, accreditation, zoning, environmental, administrative, procedural, business contracts, financial, criminal, and others.

Animals used in the agricultural and research industries are often given almost no protection under current laws, which makes the task all the more challenging — and important. 

Students in ALA will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful pro bono work providing critical legal research and writing to Animal Partisan. Wherever possible, projects are adapted to students’ interests.

Supervision: Students in Animal Law and Advocacy provide legal services under the supervision of attorneys at Animal Partisan.

Time commitment: 20-25 hours first semester; 15-20 hours second semester. Students can generally work as much or as little as they would like within these timeframes, as long as they complete the tasks to which they commit.

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