Death Penalty Clinic

Death Penalty Clinic seminar


Founded in 2001, the clinic seeks justice for individuals facing the death penalty by providing them with high-quality representation; offers students a rich opportunity for meaningful hands-on experience in high-stakes, complex litigation; and exposes problems endemic to the administration of capital punishment.

Governor signs bill stemming from the clinic’s eye-opening report showing racial discrimination is a persistent feature of jury selection in California. The clinic and Dean Chemerinsky filed an amicus brief last fall to help the governor seek more protections against racial bias in jury proceedings. The California Supreme Court recently issued its opinion, rejecting Donte McDaniel’s claims.



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Lis Semel

Elisabeth Semel

Clinic Co-Director

Ty Alper

Ty Alper

Clinic Co-Director

mridula raman

Mridula Raman

Clinical Supervising Attorney


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