Event, Catering and Food Policy

As we begin the 2022 fall semester most of the event and eating restrictions of the past two years have been lifted. We plan to resume many of our previous activities, subject to some limitations due to the campus catering policy. The public health and safety rules can change quickly though. The Law School does not control these rules and must comply with state, county, city and campus requirements. The Berkeley campus event planning office advises that if you are planning an event that involves high financial risk, such as contracting for food service, hotel rooms, purchasing plane tickets, etc., that you include appropriate cancellation language in contracts, be aware of changes in public health requirements and mindful of altered social norms and expectations surrounding public gathering.

Who May Attend Events in the Law Building?

Subject to public health orders and campus directives and to the availability of suitable space and sufficient staffing, you may hold events that include or are open to members of the campus community and general public. If you are managing or planning an event you should check UC Berkeley Coronavirus Events for policies and updates.

Vaccination and Masking Requirements for Indoor Event Participation or Attendance 

In compliance with UC Covid-19 Vaccine and Booster Requirements anyone entering the Law Building must be fully vaccinated, which means they have completed the initial series of the original vaccine and have had a booster when eligible, or have an approved exception. Law school administration and staff are not permitted to ask for proof of vaccination or exemptions, only to state they are required. Invitations and announcements for events should state:

In order to attend this event you must have completed the initial series of original vaccines and have had a booster when eligible after the initial vaccine series, or have an exception based on a Medical Exemption, Disability, or Religious Objection. Everyone entering the Law Building is strongly encouraged to wear a high quality mask while in the building (N-95, KN-95, KF94, or surgical mask covered by a cloth mask for a more secure fit).

At this time we cannot require the wearing of masks at events held on campus. If an event is held at an offsite venue, then the venue itself may require guests to wear masks and/or provide proof of vaccination.

Events at which Food is Served

You may serve food at events held in the Law Building, in accordance with the Catering Restrictions (below). Food cannot be served or eaten in classrooms during class, or anywhere in the law library. The group, organization, center or department hosting the event is responsible for cleanup.

Law school administration and staff are not permitted to ask for proof of vaccination at events, including food events, held on campus. If an event is held at an offsite venue, the venue itself may require guests to provide proof of vaccination status.

UCB funds (regardless of source) can only be used to pay for food and beverage for those who are present at the event when food is distributed or served. UCB funds cannot pay for food for those attending online from another location (e.g. their home, a coffee shop etc.).

Catering Restrictions

Catered food refers to meals provided by dedicated staff located onsite at the Law School. The catering staff may: prepare food onsite; provide services such as pouring beverages, preparing plates for guests, or refilling buffets; and clean-up after the event.

Per campus and UCOP mandate, Berkeley Catering and I-House Catering have the right of first refusal for catering Law School events. If both campus catering services determine that they are unable to provide catering for your event, you may apply for an exception to use outside caterers.

Restrictions on use of outside caterers do not apply to off-campus events, such as in private homes or in restaurants or parks.

Already-Prepared Food

You may have prepared or packaged food delivered to the law school from any caterer or restaurant, or you may pick up prepared food for your event. We strongly recommend that you order boxed meals, or grab and go options, as they are easy to safely distribute and clean up. Please ask your caterer or restaurant to use compostable materials for packing the food, when possible. Food may not be served or consumed in classrooms during classes or in the law library.


Event space in the law building is limited. To determine what space might be available for your event go to Room Reservations.

The Steinhart Courtyard may be used to distribute boxed meals or other grab and go items during the day. If you need a table for distributing food, send a request to facilities@law.berkeley.edu. You may also use the tables already available on Steinhart, but please be mindful that Steinhart is a popular location for outside study, mask breaks, and dining. Share the space!

For questions about these event policies contact the Building Oversight Committee. These policies are subject to change. We will do our best to keep this page updated, but if you are planning an event you should check any relevant notifications from campus.


Last updated August 15, 2022