MCLE Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate MCLE hours?

The calculation of hours for MCLE credit for California members is based on sixty minutes of legal education instruction to equal one hour of MCLE credit. Hours may be calculated to the nearest quarter hour, or .25 of credit. Legal education is the actual length of time devoted to an acceptable legal education topic.

How do I calculate MCLE hours for presenters?

A speaker at a CLE activity may claim actual speaking time multiplied by four for the first presentation. For repeat presentations, the speaker may only claim actual speaking time. A panelist may claim scheduled speaking time multiplied by four, plus the actual time spent in attendance at the remainder of the presentation. If speaking time is not scheduled divide the total time of the activity by the number of panelists to determine speaking time.

What do I need to include for MCLE Publicity?

Promotional material must:    

1. state that the activity is approved for MCLE credit or that a request for approval is pending;
2. specify the amount of credit offered; and
3. indicate whether any of the credit may be claimed for required MCLE in special credit hours

How do I offer MCLE special credit hours?

For Legal Ethics Credit: Activities must focus on the professional responsibility of attorneys and not on the ethics of business, corporate or government affairs or society in general. For example, activities that educate attorneys on the California Rules of Professional Conduct are eligible for ethics credit, but activities that focus on ethical dilemmas encountered in society, a business or a  non-­legal profession do not qualify for MCLE legal ethics credit.

For Elimination of Bias Credit: Activities that qualify for such credit now include any form of bias found in either the legal profession or in society in general.

For Substance Abuse/Mental Illness Credit: Activities must consist of education that identifies and discusses the detection of substance abuse, mental illness or other mental of physical issue that impairs a member’s ability to perform legal services with competence.

Full details on Special Credit hours can be found here.

How do I transfer my out of state credit to California?

You can transfer your credit if the out-of-state activity was offered by a jurisdiction on California’s approved list. For a list of approved states and foreign jurisdictions, check the State Bar website.

Can credit in California be transferred to a different state?

Please check with your own state bar since each state has its own specific rules about MCLE credit. For a list of links to state bar websites, click here. You can access complete information on the California State Bar’s MCLE program by clicking here.

Instructions, Templates, and Forms

MCLE templates for your event can be found here. This link requires a password; please contact if you need access. 

Please review our “MCLE Instructions” before proceeding.

For questions regarding Berkeley Law MCLE credit activities, please email