International Human Rights Workshop


Through careful legal research, detailed data collection, and comprehensive analysis, the International Human Rights Workshop (IHRW) is dedicated to working alongside international courts and organizations to protect and promote human rights around the globe.  

This year, students in the IHRW will join one of four projects:

Project One: Legal Research and Analysis on Sanctions for Human Rights Abuses (2 hours per week).

For this project, students will conduct legal research and analysis on international sanctions for human rights abuses, in collaboration with the Berkeley Human Rights Center. Students will join an ongoing project researching how sanctions may be brought under the Global Magnitsky Act. Students will also analyze past sanctions brought under the Global Magnitsky Act to identify best practices for human rights advocates pursuing sanctions against corrupt government officials. 

Project Two: Technology Forecasting for the International Criminal Court (2-3 hours per week.)

The International Criminal Court is developing a court-wide IT Strategy for 2023-2025. The Office of the Prosecutor wants to take an “over the horizon” view of what they should be looking at (or what is coming towards them) in the area of international criminal law and international humanitarian law. SLP students will research how technology is changing and what impact these changes will have on the investigation and prosecution of international crimes. 

Project Three: Legal Research and Analysis on Classifying Cyberattacks Against Hospitals as a War Crime (2-3 hours per week)

Students will conduct legal research and provide analytical support to our supervising attorneys/partnering organizations. The underlying purpose of this project is to develop an overview of the case law and jurisprudence around cyberattacks and war crimes investigations. As such, this project lies at the intersection of international humanitarian law and cyberwarfare, and will be an exciting opportunity for students to get involved in a newly emerging field of international law.

Project Four: Legal Research and Investigations on the Gendered Dimensions of Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, and Torture (2-3 hours per week) 

In collaboration with the Human Rights Center and reproductive justice experts, students will conduct legal research on the gendered dimensions of genocide. SLP students should expect to develop their legal research and investigations skills, as well as develop a deeper understanding of legal issues surrounding international crimes and reproductive justice.

Supervision: Students will receive training from and provide pro bono legal services under the supervision of attorneys at Human Rights Center.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week. No work will be assigned during reading weeks.

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