International Human Rights Workshop


Through careful legal research, detailed data collection, and comprehensive analysis, the International Human Rights Workshop is dedicated to working alongside international courts and organizations to protect and promote human rights around the globe.  This year’s project will focus on human rights research in Iran.   

The project will offer students an opportunity to carry out factual and legal research on human rights violations in Iran. There are two thematic streams within the project with distinct objectives:

  1. To identify and collate quantitative and qualitative data on LGBTQ+ refugees who have fled Iran because of persecution.
  2. To identify and collate quantitative and qualitative data on women’s rights in Iran.

While this is not a traditional legal project, students will learn about the international human rights framework and Iran’s legal obligations within it. Students will also learn about the role of civil society in monitoring and documenting human rights abuses, and how data can be used effectively for human rights advocacy. The results of the research will be used to expose human rights violations in Iran, promote respect for fundamental human rights, and advocate on behalf of marginalized populations within Iran.


Supervision: Students will receive training from and provide pro bono legal services under the supervision of attorneys at Human Rights Center.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week. No work will be assigned during reading weeks.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at