Arts and Innovation Representation

AIR consists of two projects: a partnership with the Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI), in which students will conduct research on the suppression of artistic freedom in Eastern Europe, and a partnership with California Lawyers for the Arts (CLA), in which students will engage in general IP research, and educational and know-your-rights endeavors in order to support the California artist community.  Students will participate in one of the two projects.  

  1. Artistic Freedom Initiative: The AFI project will be the first comprehensive study of the suppression of artistic freedom in Eastern Europe since the return of authoritarian rule to the region. First, students will research the various universal, regional, and national instruments that protect creative expression.  Second, they will divide up into smaller teams and research efforts by the governments in Hungary, Poland, and Russia to restrict artistic freedom.  Along with the legal team at AFI, they will identify measures the aforementioned countries should take in protecting freedom of artistic expression, which will include best practices. The research will culminate in a report to be published and distributed at the AFI event in March 2021.  Students are invited to attend the event and may have the opportunity to present their research. 
  2. California Lawyers for the Arts: In collaboration with CLA, students will create educational videos, infographics, and other multimedia materials to be shared with artists and CLA member attorneys in the Bay Area and throughout the state of California through CLA’s network. These educational materials are intended to translate a breadth of legal issues artists might face to the public art community, in order to make legal concepts commonly faced by artists more accessible. A familiarity with IP, nonprofit, and employment law may be helpful, but is by no means necessary as the project itself will involve training and collaboration. Students may also have the opportunity to attend clinics led by practicing attorneys and, in some cases, participate in such clinics under the supervision of CLA panel attorneys.

Supervision: Students in AIR provide legal services under the supervision of the Artistic Freedom Initiative and California Lawyers for the Arts. 

Time commitment: 

  • AFI Project: 5 hours per week in the fall semester, 2 hours per week in the spring semester.
  • CLA Project: About 2 hours per week, or up to 4 depending on volume

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