Professor Kristen Holmquist

Photo of Professor Kristen L. Holmquist
Kristen L. Holmquist, Professor at Berkeley Law

“I do pro bono because, like many of us, I became a lawyer to serve. My children grew up and went away to college, and I had an opportunity to take stock of where I might make a bit of difference. And so I dove in.

I serve as an education rights holder for a foster youth – which means that I make the decisions around school that a parent might make otherwise. It’s a tremendous amount of responsibility that I do not take lightly.

I’d encourage law students to engage in pro bono work because it matters to the folks you’re doing it for and with; because it is a wonderful reminder, as you begin your career, that the law is meant to serve people; because it gives you an opportunity to develop a lawyer’s skills; and because connecting with another human being to work on solving a problem feels great.”


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