2009 McBaine Competition

The James Patterson McBaine Honors Competition is Boalt Hall’s venerable moot court competition and is open to all Boalt second- and third-year law students.  Cases chosen for the competition involve cutting-edge issues of great public importance.  This year, we are proud to welcome Justice Stephen Breyer of the United States Supreme Court, Judge Michael McConnell of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and Judge David Tatel of the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit as our panel for the final round.

All pertinent information about this year’s Competition is available here.  If you are participating or considering participating, you must read the Rules before you begin researching the case.  For more information, please contact the 2008-09 McBaine Competition Directors Katie Cameron and Karis Gong (mcbaine.competition@gmail.com), or the Director of Appellate Programs, William Fernholz (wfernholz@law.berkeley.edu).

About the Competition
Rules for the 2008-09 Competition (READ THESE FIRST!)
Schedule of Important Events and Dates
2008-09 McBaine problem (available Nov. 5, 2008)
Record [pdf] (available Nov. 5, 2008)
Side Preference Sheet [pdf]
Class Conflicts Sheet [doc]
Sample Scoresheets – Brief [doc] and Oral Argument [doc]
Previous Competition Winners

Final Oral Arguments on April 14

Date & Time: April 14, 2009 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
Venue: Wheeler Auditorium, UC Berkeley

You may watch the final round of the 2008-2009 McBaine Competition at YouTube, at iTunes, or at the University website.

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