Blastlanta students will be working with two Atlanta organizations, the Atlanta Volunteer Legal Foundation’s Safe & Stable Families Project and Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network’s Victims of Violence Program, which serve communities affected by domestic violence and human trafficking. During the trip, students will have the opportunity to do 40 hours of substantive legal work. Leading up to the trip, we will engage with a variety of sources and speakers to better understand the intersecting factors that affect how we confront domestic violence and human trafficking.

While work may vary depending on need, students will assist attorneys offering legal consultation, advice, and direction; help clients with the process of obtaining a temporary protective order against their intimate partner abusers; advocate for clients during Ex Parte hearings; e-file protective order pleadings; and prepare service packets for the Sheriff’s office. Every student will work all week to ensure victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual abuse have access to quality legal representation.

Time Commitment: Students should be available to travel to Atlanta on the weekends prior and subsequent to Spring Break. In addition to the entirety of Spring Break 2020, we anticipate trip participants will have monthly trainings/meetings during fall semester with more frequent meetings in the spring as well as some social events throughout the school year. Dates and times of meetings are to be determined based on availability of participants.

Students will also be expected to participate in fundraising (events and online), but there is no minimum raise requirement.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at

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