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Scholarship Application for Continuing Students



June 23, 2017


July 14, 2017


J.D. students who will be 2Ls and 3Ls for the 2017-18 academic year are eligible to apply.

Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request (COAAR) – Law September April 1

Increases to the Cost of Attendance (also known as student budget), if approved, will typically only result in additional loan eligibility.

After completing the below steps, e-mail your documents to to obtain copy of the COAAR form. Unless the increase will be met with a scholarship, you must provide the following prior to obtaining the COAAR form.

    1. Review the list of allowable expenses. Note that for certain expenses such as transportation, you must submit proof that you’ve already exhausted – or will exhaust – the amount allocated in the COA for that budget item before submitting a COAAR.

    2. Proof of current student loan balance. A printout or screenshot of your federal NSLDS “Financial Aid Review” (not required if no loan debt)

    3.  Statement explaining what you plan on borrowing in subsequent years (if you will not be borrowing in subsequent years, please explain this in your statement) and what repayment plan you anticipate using after graduation.  

    4. Proof of repayment plan calculations. A printout or screenshot of your anticipated monthly student loan payment is sufficient. Use calculators on website, listed under “Repayment Plans & Calculator”. Use your current loan balance plus what you anticipate you’ll borrow in subsequent years for the estimation.

See below for information on COAAR for Bar Exam Fees.

COAAR Addendum for Bar Exam Fees Spring April 1 The above steps are also required to obtain the COAAR form for allowable Bar costs, unless you have already submitted the documentation for another COAAR request. E-mail your documents to to obtain copy of the COAAR Addendum for Bar Exam Fees.
University Bar Study Loan Application March 1 April 10

 University Bar Study Loan Information Sheet and Application:

BarStudyLoanPacket – SPRING 2017 – APPLICATION CLOSED; please contact for assistance.

Berkeley Law Yellow Ribbon Program Application n/a n/a  Email for application. (Must be an admitted student prior to requesting)