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With one of the most diverse and distinguished advanced law degree programs in the United States, Berkeley Law attracts some of the world’s most talented and promising legal minds every year.

Meet some of our outstanding students and learn about the impactful work they are doing here in Berkeley and around the world. 


Global Blue New Deal

What is the Blue New Deal cover showing snail. Links to PDF.

LL.M. alumna Andreas Aditya Salim is one of 15 leaders of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Youth Policy Advisory Council, which recently published the Global Blue New Deal, a detailed vision for confronting ocean decline.

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Three Unique Journeys

Shabna, Anais, and Caroline


Join Shabna, Anais, and Caroline as they recount their journeys to an LL.M. degree and their hopes for the future.

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Student Spotlights

LL.M. in the News

People at sporting event with mascot bear OskiLL.M. Program Swings into Summer with New Star Students and Enticing Offerings

Amidst uncertainly and turbulence, the Berkeley Law LL.M. program, students, and faculty endure — and thrive.   


Graphic violence online: Campus human rights lab pioneers safer viewing

LL.M. alumni Pearlé Nwaezeigwe co-created  Rated R, offering tactics from the unique resilience training at Berkeley’s Human Rights Center Investigations Lab to help social media users navigate distressing content.

“Rated R is like a gift to the revolution. It’s public service, … to help people on the street and the healers who help the wounded to bounce back and continue the fight.”

This Marine’s mission ends with a Berkeley graduation and a family reunited

For students in the LL.M. professional track program, the two-summer experience spans the globe and lasts a lifetime.




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