Gun Violence Prevention Project

GVPP (Gun Violence Prevention Project) SLP logo with V being an upside down red ribbon

The Gun Violence Prevention Project (GVPP) is in its sixth year as Berkeley Law’s only student group specifically focused on using legal tools to reduce and prevent gun violence. This year, GVPP is partnering with Global Action on Gun Violence (GAGV), a U.S. nonprofit that takes an international approach to gun violence prevention. GAGV uses litigation and policy advocacy to promote gun industry reform in the U.S., to end international gun trafficking, and reduce gun violence.

In previous years, students with GVPP helped develop guides, factsheets, and other resources to educate individuals and organizations on California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order laws and the ways in which these laws can be used to keep communities safe. GVPP students have also conducted research on nationwide effects of recent Second Amendment Supreme Court decisions.

This year, GVPP will conduct gun violence prevention research with a global focus.  Global Action on Gun Violence has a number of projects related to the gun industry in the U.S. and abroad. GVPP students will learn about the ways that the United States’ ineffective regulation of its own gun industry contributes to gun crimes far beyond our borders. Students will be exposed to policy advocacy and human rights work and will develop their research, writing and communication skills. Because of the disparate impact gun violence has in low-income communities and communities of color, GVPP seeks to center racial and economic justice in our legal work and advocacy.

Supervision: Students will receive training from and provide pro bono legal services under the supervision of attorneys at Global Action on Gun Violence.  

Time Commitment: 3 hours every other week (Likely 1 hour-long meeting- typically on Thursdays at 1 PM but we may be adjusted depending on member’s availability and 2 hours of research work).

For more information, please contact the student leaders at