Gun Violence Prevention Project

Gun Violence Prevention Project logo (GVPP)

This will be the Gun Violence Prevention Project’s fourth year as Berkeley Law’s only student group specifically focused on using legal tools to reduce and prevent gun violence. The Project partners with two preeminent gun violence prevention organizations, the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Brady Legal

In previous years, students with the Gun Violence Prevention Project helped Giffords develop guides, fact-sheets, and other resources to educate individuals and organizations on California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order laws and how these laws can be used to keep communities safe. Last year, students engaged in legal research and data analysis to help municipalities close loopholes in their gun ordinances. This year, students working with Giffords will perform similar substantive legal research on state and local firearm laws and regulations.

The Gun Violence Prevention Project has also performed cutting-edge legal research for Brady Legal in previous years as well. Last year, students conducted state-by-state legal analyses of statutes that could be used to regulate 3D-printed “ghost guns” to support current litigation by Brady Legal. This year, Brady Legal is looking for assistance on a novel tort litigation strategy to hold gun manufacturers accountable for the dire, real-world impact of their products in local communities. 

Because gun violence disparately affects communities of color and low-income communities, the Gun Violence Prevention Project and its partner organizations strive to center racial and economic justice in all legal work and community advocacy we pursue.

Participants in the Gun Violence Prevention Project will develop critical skills in case and statutory research, data analysis, and legal writing. Because of the Project’s established connections with leading organizations in this legal field, participants will have the unique opportunity to help shape the legal strategies used to address the gun violence epidemic.

Supervision: Students will receive training from and provide pro bono legal services under the supervision of attorneys at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Brady Legal.  

Time Commitment: Three hours every other week with one bi-weekly check-in meeting every other Friday afternoon.

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