Projects and Cases

Established in 1998, the International Human Rights Law Clinic is engaged in cutting-edge research, policy work, and advocacy. The clinic has developed this work through human rights projects that utilize innovative approaches to promote the rights of victims and survivors of these abuses. The clinic currently works in the following areas:

Accountability and Transitional Justice

The clinic works to end and prevent atrocities, hold governments and their agents accountable for them, and assist societies rebuilding after mass violence. Projects include, in reverse chronological order:

Promoting Human Rights Within the United States

The clinic seeks to promote recognition and compliance by U.S. authorities with international human rights standards. Projects include, in reverse chronological order:


A Rights-Based Approach to Combating Poverty: Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

The clinic’s longest-running program has pioneered a rights-based strategy to combat poverty and status-based discrimination. It creatively surmounts barriers to the judicial enforcement of economic, social, and cultural rights while building the capacity of local groups to make use of these rights. Projects include, in reverse chronological order: