AI Legal Workshop

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Students in the AI Legal Workshop will engage in pro bono work under the supervision of the Atticus Project.  The Atticus Project is committed to “privacy, ethics, and compliance by design and by default” rules. It aims to design processes and procedures (“protocols”) to label, annotate, and curate datasets to support the creation, development, and deployment of ethical, transparent, and sustainable AI systems for the legal industry.  Students will be reviewing and labeling contracts, learning about Artificial Intelligence, and receiving training from experienced attorneys in transactional law and contract due diligence.  

In partnership with leading law firms and in-house legal departments, we have developed a rich set of training materials and methodology on how and what to look for in a legal contract as part of the due diligence process. We have also formed an extensive network of dedicated professionals from a wide array of the corporate/M&A spectrum.  As a participant in this project you will learn about details and indications of specific contract provisions, AI and how it intersects with the legal field, and work in corporate law in general. Participants will perform contract due diligence and participate in substantive discussions about certain clauses. 

Supervision: Students in ALW will provide legal services under the supervision of attorneys at the Atticus Project

Time commitment: 2-3 hours per week; approximately 25 hours/semester. 

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