LL.M. Executive Track Academic Calendar

The executive track is comprised of a choice among semesters outside of the traditional academic year. The spring term is online. The summer term is on campus or remote. The fall term is online.

Overall Academic Calendar: Spring, Summer, Fall 2021

Orientation for Spring Term (online) January 6, 2021
First day of spring classes January 7
Fundamentals of U.S. Law, 3 units (online)

Instruction Jan 7 -Mar 4

Final Mar 5 -Mar 11

Intellectual Property Law, 3 units or Business Associations, 3 units (online)

Instruction Mar 15 -May 3

Final May 4 -May 9

Last day of spring May 9
Orientation for Summer Term (in Berkeley or remote) May 24
Summer Term Begins (in Berkeley or remote) May 25
Commencement (in Berkeley or remote) July 20
Summer Term Ends August 6
First day of fall classes August 16
Capstone Writing Project Begins, 1 unit (online) August 16
Contracts, 3 units (online)

Instruction August 23- October 11

Final October 12- October 17

Venture Capital in Practice, 2 units (online)

Instruction September 6- October 1st

Final October 2nd- October 8th

Sustainable Capitalism & ESG, 2 units (online)

Instruction October 11th- November 5th

Final November 6th- November 12th

Capstone Writing Project Due November 23
Last day of fall November 23


Detailed Academic Calendar: Summer Term 2021

The summer term is divided into 4 quarters, each three weeks long. LL.M. executive track students starting in the summer may choose at least three consecutive quarters. 

Courses are intensive, each 1-3 weeks in duration, followed immediately by a final take-home exam window. Because of the intensive format, students complete on average 1-2 courses every 3 weeks. Click here for the Summer 2021 Schedule of Classes.

Orientation  May 24, Monday
Quarter 1 Instruction Begins May 25, Tuesday
Memorial Day, no classes meet May 31, Monday
Quarter 1 Final Examinations June 10-11, Thursday-Friday
Quarter 2 Instruction Begins June 14, Monday
Quarter 2 Final Examinations June 29-30, Tuesday-Wednesday
Quarter 3 Instruction Begins July 1, Thursday
Independence Day holiday, no classes meet July 5, Monday
Quarter 3 Final Examinations July 18-19, Sunday-Monday
Commencement July 20, Tuesday
Quarter 4 Instruction Begins July 21, Wednesday
Quarter 4 Final Examinations August 5-6, Thursday-Friday