BACE: Bay Area Consortium on Externships

BACE Supervising Attorney  Training
Roadmap to Building a Better Field Placement Program
October 17, 2017, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Berkeley Law, Warren Room

In conjunction with the annual PI/PS Internship and Career Fair at Berkeley Law  BACE is offering the annual BACE Supervising Attorney Training (CLE) .This year’s training is “A Roadmap to Building a Better Field Placement Program.” This training is designed to help you and your organization get the most out of working with law students, and we strongly encourage you to attend! 
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Recruitment tips Handout 2017 BACE training


About BACE

Several years ago, Bay Area law schools formed BACE. BACE has worked to develop joint evaluations and standards for the supervision of externs in their placements including the BACE Manual for Extern Supervisors. This manual has been developed with the participation of BACE member schools and reflects the ABA requirements for the conduct of externship programs. The manual articulates the standards we expect our extern supervisors to follow and highlights best practices in extern supervision. We recognize and appreciate the demands on your time and understand that supervision of a law student adds to your duties and responsibilities. As we work to develop meaningful and exciting externship placements, we hope you will offer us your suggestions and feedback.



Manuel for Extern Supervisors