Native American Opportunity Plan

Beginning in Fall 2022, the University of California’s Native American Opportunity Plan ensures that in-state systemwide Tuition (formerly known as the Educational Fee) and Student Services Fees are fully covered for California students who are also enrolled in federally recognized Native American, American Indian, and Alaska Native tribes. This plan applies to eligible undergraduate and graduate students. At Berkeley Law, we will provide additional funding for eligible Native American Opportunity Plan students by covering the Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition.  

Students are not required to file a financial aid application to qualify for the Native American Opportunity Plan. 

Note: If you are a member of a tribe that is not federally recognized, additional support may be available through external organizations, including the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria. We encourage you to work with the Native American Student Development Office or the American Indian Graduate Program to identify these opportunities.


Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Native American Opportunity Plan, UC Berkeley students must meet all of the following criteria:

  • A current or newly admitted law school student*; 
  • a California resident for tuition purposes;
  • an enrolled member in a federally recognized Native American, American Indian, and/or Alaska Native tribe; and
  • enrolled in a state-supported degree program (i.e., self-supporting and certificate programs do not qualify)

*UC Berkeley undergraduate students as well as graduate or professional students other than law school students should visit the main campus Financial Aid and Scholarships Office page.

Award Amounts

The Native American Opportunity plan combines all sources of grants, scholarships, tuition- and fee-specific awards you receive from federal, state, UC, and private sources (e.g. Dean’s Fellowship; Berkeley Law Grant; Continuing Student Scholarships; veteran’s tuition benefits; tribal benefits; University, Departmental, or external fellowships that are specific for tuition and fees; tuition and fee remissions; etc.) to count toward covering your fees. If the total of your aid from these sources is more than your UC systemwide tuition, student service fees, and Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition, then the Native American Opportunity Plan promise has been satisfied. However, if the total of your aid from these sources does not fully cover your UC systemwide tuition, student service fees, and Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition, your Native American Opportunity Plan award will make up the difference with UC grant funding.


Total Eligibility in 2023-24 academic year





Graduate Tuition

$ 12,264 

Student Services Fee

$   1,206 

NAOP Award Maximum

$ 13,470

Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST)


NAOP for PDST Award Maximum


Total NAOP and 

NAOP for PDST Eligibility


($13,470 + $47,040)

Next Steps

The main campus Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will coordinate with the Native American Student Development Office, the American Indian Graduate Program, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Residency Office to identify eligible students. They will notify new and continuing students who might be eligible for funding under the Native American Opportunity Plan with guidance on next steps. 

Documentation of tribal enrollment will be collected and reviewed prior to awarding. Eligible students may submit any of the following forms of documentation:

Certification of tribal enrollment on tribal letterhead.
Enrollment/membership card that contains the tribal seal and/or official signature of a tribal leader.
Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) if the CDIB includes tribal enrollment information.
Tribal identification card with an enrollment number.

Eligible students also need to submit tribal contact information (address, phone, and email) with the submitted documentation.

Note: Students who meet the eligibility requirements and have gift aid equal to, or in excess of, systemwide graduate tuition, student services fees, and professional degree supplemental tuition, will not be asked to submit documentation.

NAOP Form:

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