Living in the Bay Area

Berkeley sunset

Berkeley Law offers more fascinating activities than any student can possibly plumb. But student life doesn’t end at the school’s perimeter. It spills spontaneously across the Berkeley campus, the city of Berkeley, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The options are infinite, whether a person’s interests run to politics or poetry, food or film, nature or nightlife. Restaurants within a one-mile radius represent more than 30 cuisines from every continent but Antarctica. And our music, dance, and film scenes are every bit as international as our culinary landscape.

We believe that everyone should experience Berkeley and the Bay Area for themselves. In case you can’t visit, we wanted to give you just a taste of what Berkeley and the Bay Area has to offer.

As a law student, you’ll soon become familiar with the dynamic and lively halls of Berkeley Law.

You’ll also get to know the greater UC Berkeley campus and what makes it so amazing.


Don’t just take our word for it; see what the New York Times says about the City of Berkeley.

When you are ready to venture beyond Berkeley, it’s hard to beat what Northern California have to offer.

Want to learn even more? Expand the sections below for some information and our recommendations for things to do and see in the area.