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    Oklahoma must allow abortion if mother’s life is threatened, court rules


    “The ruling means pregnant people no longer have to wait until “their life is literally on the line” to legally qualify for an abortion,” said Khiara M. Bridges, a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley. “But it’s a narrow win because people trying to avoid a potentially life-threatening pregnancy make up a small proportion of those seeking abortions.”

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    Opinion: How Congress can prevent another banking crisis


    “Banks and regulators will make mistakes, and banks should be allowed to fail, writes Prasad Krishnamurthy, professor at Berkeley Law.” We need a system in which shareholders and debtholders bear the cost of failure, depositors are made whole and don’t panic, and banks and depositors pay for the insurance they receive at rates that are proportional to their risk.” 

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    When Forced Birth Becomes a Banality

    Professor of Law Khiara M. Bridges joins host Lindsay Langholz for a conversation about forced birth in America and what it means for pregnant people, families, and the law when forced birth becomes a banality.