Student Services

At Berkeley Law, the Dean of Students, Annik Hirshen, the Senior Director of Student Services, Kyle Valenti, and the Director of Equity and Inclusion, Student Services, Emily Bruce, are available for academic and personal advising and counseling. They are aided by the Student Services Administrator at the front desk and the Exam Administrator & Student Services Coordinator, Amanda Tran. Students are encouraged to come to Student Services to discuss academic plans, questions about the profession, personal concerns, summer activities, and other matters. Students are welcome to schedule appointments or stop by on a drop-in basis.

In addition to counseling individual students, Student Services works with the Student Association at Berkeley Law (SABL) and all the student organizations, supporting their social and community activities. Special funding is made available, with prior application and approval, for special events such as conferences, workshops, and community-building social occasions.

The Student Services Office is located in 280 Simon Hall, and the phone number is 510.643.2744.