Practice Exams

Taking practice exams under test-taking conditions is a proven way to improve performance on exams. The exam does not need to be from your current professor–any exam in the same format will work just fine. Write out answers to hypos and practice exam questions early and often–even if you have not yet finished (or started!) reviewing and outlining. Applying the material to a new set of facts is a very effective way of learning the material, even if you have not yet had time to review it. This exercise also helps to identify complexities and nuances that you might not catch when passively reading through your notes or outline. And, finally, writing out answers to practice exams forces you to practice the other skill that is being tested: legal analysis.

The law library maintains a database of past exams for you to use for practice. You can find those exams here.

If you have a sample answer (or a friend’s answer), consider using this worksheet to assess your performance and drill down on your analysis.