Accessible Education and Disability Accommodations

Berkeley Law is committed to an inclusive environment for all students in our community. Fundamental to that commitment is ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to the curriculum and programs the law school offers.

Students with disabilities can receive accommodations and services including, but not limited to, exam accommodations, academic support services (such as alternative media support, in-class note-takers, or sign language interpreters), mobility support services, attendant referral, and housing assistance. Berkeley Law collaborates with UC Berkeley’s Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) on main campus to assess and implement these accommodations and services. 

How to Request Accommodations

Law students are responsible for requesting accommodations and services through UC Berkeley’s Disabled Students Program (DSP) on main campus. DSP is located at 260 César E. Chávez Student Center, #4250, just off Lower Sproul Plaza. The process of requesting accommodations includes: (1) submitting an online application for services and (2) meeting with a Disability Specialist for an interactive appointment to discuss accommodations and services that may be required. More information about this process can be found here:

After students have been approved for accommodations and services through DSP, they must meet with Chelsea Yuan, the Director of Student Services, Accessible Education at the Law School, to review the accommodations and discuss their implementation. 

Pregnancy-Related Accommodations

In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and with the California Education Code, Section 66281.7, it is the official policy of the University of California at Berkeley to not discriminate against or exclude any person on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions, and to provide reasonable accommodations. For pregnancy-related accommodations, please contact Chelsea Yuan, Director of Student Services, Accessible Education. Visit the Berkeley Law Student Parents Page for additional information about resources for student parents. 

Accommodations for the Bar Exam

Students applying for accommodations for the Bar exam should make their requests well in advance to the relevant State Bar to which they are applying. Please contact Chelsea Yuan, Director of Student Services, Accessible Education, if you have questions. 

Accommodations for Commencement

To request accommodations related to Commencement, please contact Chelsea Yuan, Director of Student Services, Accessible Education at the Law School as far in advance as possible. Visit our commencement page for additional commencement information. 

More Information

For more information, including any questions related to accommodations at the Law School and the process of requesting accommodations, please contact our Director of Student Services, Accessible Education:

Chelsea Yuan

Student Services Main Office Phone Number: (510) 643-2744