Student Services Legal Conference Fund

The Student Legal Conference Fund (formerly called the Student Travel Fund) exists to support students who are interested in attending legal educational conferences and symposiums in order to advance their professional and academic development.  Currently enrolled JD and LL.M. students are eligible to apply for up to $200 per academic year.

In order to apply for funding, please review the steps below:

Before the event:

1. Complete the Student Legal Conference Fund Fund Application Form which is available below or in the Student Services Office. Submit the completed application form to Attach information about the event (i.e. a brochure or flyer) and a summary of your budget and the total cost of attending the event.

Legal Conference Fund Application

2. The Dean of Students will review your application before the event.

3. Student Services will notify you by email if your request has been approved or denied. The office will provide you with a Reimbursement Request Form to submit after your travels.


After the Event:

Student Services Reimbursement Request Form 

  1. Complete the Student Services Reimbursement Request Form. Submit to Student Services within seven days of attending the conference. You must include the following with your reimbursement request form:
    • Attach itemized receipts that verify payment. The receipt must list the individual cost and items purchased. 
    • Attach proof of attendance at the conference. This can include any items that show you attended (name tags, programs, selfies with the speaker, etc.)

If you do not submit your receipts within seven days of attending the conference, your approved funding is not guaranteed.

Notes and Restrictions:

  • Every J.D. and LL.M. student is eligible to receive up to $200 in funding.  Funding for legal events will only be approved if the event is open to everyone. You can only receive funding once per academic year.  If the amount you request is under the $200 maximum, you cannot re-apply for funding for a second conference to receive the difference.  For example, if you apply for Student Services funding and only spend $50 at the conference, you will not be able to apply a second time to receive the remaining $150 that you did not spend.
  • Reimbursements are disbursed through Business Financial Services at UC Berkeley. The easiest way to collect your reimbursement is through CalCentral Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). We recommend you set up an EFT account before submitting your reimbursement request materials. Paper checks are slow and can get lost in the mail. For information on setting up an EFT account visit the Student Billing Services page:
  • Funding is non-transferrable. Each student can apply and be awarded up to $200 per year. Funding cannot be combined for group travel expenses.
  • Please note that we will only reimburse you for your own expenses.  Please do not pay for other students as you will not be reimbursed for their costs.
  • We cannot provide funding for travel to job interviews or career fairs. We cannot provide funding for alcohol.