Registering New Student Organizations

If you have any questions regarding event planning, paying vendors, applying for reimbursements or school policies, feel free to stop by the Student Services office (280 Simon Hall) or email Student Services.

You may also want to refer to the Student Organization Handbook.

New Student Organization Registration Form and RSO Requirement:

There are two parts to registering your student organization
Your organization must complete the Annual Registration form with Berkeley Law. 
All Berkeley Law student organizations must complete an annual registration form.  The Office of Student Services will use this form to verify student group eligibility for participation in the Activities Fair, room reservations, SABL funding, Berkeley Law email accounts, etc. Please contact Student Services if you wish to register an organization in the middle of the academic year.
2. Register with the greater Campus
Because of the University’s campus events policy, all Berkeley Law student groups also must be Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) with the OASIS Center (formerly known as LEAD). There are many benefits of OASIS Center registration, including additional funding opportunities. Registration information for returning organizations and new organizations can be found on the OASIS Center website. Please note that the OASIS Center registration is a multi-step process that requires, among other things:
  • Student Organization Application
  • Designation of four students to serve as signatories.
  • Submission of organization’s up-to-date constitution
  • Completion of Student Organization Signatory Training on bCourses
The deadline to complete these steps for the OASIS Center registration has passed for the 2023-2024 academic year. 
Organizations will not be permitted to reserve rooms at the law school or apply for SABL funding until they have submitted their completed registration forms, including RSO registration. Therefore, it is imperative that you start the RSO registration process as soon as possible.  
Because it may be difficult to complete all the steps necessary for the OASIS Center registration in time for the fall activities fair, student organizations will conditionally be permitted to participate in the activities fair and reserve rooms until September 11th, so long as they have submitted their online registration form to Student Services, and have certified that they have begun the OASIS Center registration process.  

Please note, this form does not replace your SABL funding application, this form instead will be stored in the Student Services office. The SABL funding application will be available later that month and will be reviewed by the SABL Treasurer. Again, you must have a completed Registration Form on file with Student Services to be eligible for SABL funding.