Transfer Student Orientation

Our 2020 Transfer Student Orientation will be completely online/remote and will include three parts:

  1. Pre-recorded videos to watch on your schedule. The deadline to complete these is August 14 at 5:00 pm.
  2. Live Zoom information sessions on August 12.
  3. Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence prevention education training is required for all students. You will receive an email from Lisa García Bedolla regarding this training.


Orientation Pre-Recorded Sessions

All pre-recorded sessions are mandatory. You can find them on bCourses. Please complete them by 5:00 pm PT on August 14.

When What Who





Pre-recorded: Complete by 5:00 PM on August 14


Administrative Resources

Elena McSwiggen, Director of Financial Aid 

Carol Rachwald, Registrar 

Sarah Wright-Schreiberg, Director, Advocacy Competitions Program

Sue Schechter, Field Placement Program Director 

Terry Galligan, Assistant Dean, Career Development 

Linda Zaruba and Christine Chang, Psychologists


Computing and Library Resources



Michael Levy & Library staff



Wellness Resources

Linda Zaruba and Christine Chang, Psychologists

Kyle Kate Dudley, Assistant Director of Student Services, Accessible Education

Emily Bruce, Director of Equity & Inclusion, Student Services

Orientation Live Sessions

August 12

When What Who


1:00-1:30 pm (PT)


Welcome and Icebreakers

Kristin Alvarez, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

Annik Hirshen, Dean of Students

Ray Durham & Tiara Brown, SABL Co-Presidents


1:40-2:30 pm


Admin Q&A



Student Services



2:40-3:30 pm

Transfer Panel- What I Wish I Had Known

Transfer Students

Moderator: Kyle Valenti

If you need accommodations for Orientation, please contact Kyle Kate Dudley at