Workers’ Rights Clinic

The Workers’ Rights Clinic hosts a free weekly clinic for members of the community that have legal issues related to their employment. Student counselors meet with clients one-on-one to conduct interviews and then complete research alongside an attorney to give our clients legal advice. Student counselors deal with issues ranging from employment discrimination to worker’s compensation to workplace torts. To best prepare our student counselors, each week a new visiting attorney gives a lecture on a specific topic in employment law. Food is provided.

Time Commitment: Students will be split up into two groups. The time commitment for each group is around three hours every OTHER Thursday evening (5:30-8:30). If student counselors ever need to miss a session, it is their responsibility to find another student to swap weeks with them.

We are excited to find another great group of students who are dedicated to helping people and putting their legal knowledge to use in the real world.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at

How To Apply

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