Workers’ Rights Clinic

The Workers’ Rights Clinic is committed to protecting employment rights for low-income and disadvantaged workers and their families by providing free legal services to address discrimination based upon race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, disability, language proficiency, and immigration status. The Clinic provides students an overview of employment law and exposes them to a wide variety of workplace issues faced by low-wage workers across California— many of whom are non-English speakers.

Students will conduct one-on-one interviews with clients and complete research alongside an attorney to provide the client legal advice. Students can expect to encounter and become familiar with a broad range of legal issues, such as employment discrimination, workers’ compensation, and workplace torts. Students will also gain skills in client interactions, issue spotting and legal research. Prior to every session, a visiting attorney will give a lecture on a specific topic in employment law.

Supervision: Students will receive training from and be supervised by attorneys from Legal Aid at Work. 

Time Commitment: Students will be split up into two groups, so that each student will commit to working every other Thursday evening (biweekly). Sessions start at 5:30pm and run approximately three hours. If student counselors ever need to miss a session, it is their responsibility to find another student to swap weeks with them.

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