Lucero Cordova ’23

Photo of Law Student Lucero Cordova, J.D. '23
Lucero Cordova, J.D. ’23

“I engage in pro bono work because it allows me to give back to my community. As a first-generation, daughter of immigrants I am deeply committed to making the law more accessible and equitable for communities of color; I believe pro bono work is one of the ways to begin this process. Pro bono work challenges me to use the skills I learn in my doctrinal classes and apply them to real world situations. 

I am currently co-leading the La Alianza Worker’s and Tenant’s Rights SLP. I joined this SLP because most of our clients come from the surrounding Latinx community. While worker’s and tenant’s rights have always been important matters within the community, the pandemic brought about a new plethora of issues and I felt like this was one of the spaces where legal help was urgently needed.

My advice to future law students is to not be afraid to get involved. As a 1L, coming into law school, you may feel like you are not adequately equipped to take on some of these cases, just know that it is a process and that your supervising attorneys will be there to help you along the way. As law students it is important to recognize the privilege that we hold, and pro bono work is one of the ways to use our privilege to engage in meaningful work.”

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