Requesting a Financial Aid Award for a Student

This form is created and owned by the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office and is the appropriate channel to pay the following awards to a student:

  • Prize or reward, such as writing prizes and trial competition awards.
  • Departmental scholarships/fellowships where funds are held within the Law School (not the Graduate Division.)
    **Please see exception below for students requesting awards for other students on behalf of a student group or organization.
  • Award for a limited contribution to a one-time activity that benefits the student’s education and is related to a class or course material (so long as the student is not being compensated for work that would otherwise be fulfilled by a hired individual.

    Please keep in mind the following:

  • (1) The university is obligated under Department of Education rules to include funding in students’ financial aid packages; and
    (2) Financial assistance provided to students by the university must be handled and reported properly for tax and tax withholding purposes.
    (3) If students are paid during the period of non-enrollment, the amount of aid they received during this time will be counted as the Estimated Financial Assistance in the next enrollment period and the total federal aid eligibility will be reduced by the amount of aid they received during the period of non-enrollment. This is usually applicable to summer awards and departments are strongly encouraged to speak with the Director of Financial Aid about summer aid. 
    (4) Financial aid is not limited to grants/scholarships (gift aid.) When the term, ‘financial aid’ is used, it’s inclusive of student loans. If financial aid must be reduced to ‘fit’ an award into a financial aid package, we will always reduce student loans, not other grants/scholarships.


Financial Aid Payout Request Form

2022-23 Financial Aid Award Payout Request Form (fall 22, spring 23, summer 23)

2023-24 Financial Aid Award Payout Request Form (fall 23, spring 24, summer 24)

Not sure if this is the appropriate channel for “paying” a student? Please review the complete Berkeley Law guidance document put together by Berkeley Law Business Services, HR, and Financial Aid teams,Providing Funds to Students.” (this document is currently being updated! Please email the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office for any questions.)


Reminders for Payout Requests:

1.) A student is defined as registered during the previous academic year (fall-spring-summer) and/or registered or eligible to register for the current or next academic year (fall-spring-summer)

2.) If the term ‘reward’ is used, cannot be for work performed if the job would otherwise be fulfilled by a hired individual. ‘Compensation’ implies work, and this implies an employee-university relationship and there are benefits & tax withholding implications. Please contact Berkeley Law HR if you have questions about this.

3.) Students should not be promised awards as if they are compensation. Financial aid (FA) awards may, in some cases, interfere with other aid sources – typically only student loans – if the student is already at their FA limit for student loans, thus a student may not always receive additional cash-in-hand as a result of your award. That said, usually awards for educational travel/research-related expenses do not impact other financial aid awards, as the FA limit can be increased to accommodate actual expenses. We do our best to work with students who are concerned about loans being reduced as a result of receiving additional grants/scholarships/awards. However, especially if you are making an award to an undergraduate financial aid recipient, we cannot guarantee that a student will receive cash in hand.

4.) Fellowships are not a form of employment. They are intended to support the student’s academic goals and are considered a form of student financial aid. A fellowship differs from employment such as a teaching assistant or graduate student researcher.

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact the Law School Director of Financial Aid (


Student Organization Awards

**Student Groups/Orgs: Please e-mail with the following information:

  1. Your name and student group/org affiliation
  2. Purpose/intent of the award, and timeframe for distribution of the award (you can put ASAP if applicable)
  3. Recipients’ full names, at least the last three digits of their student ID number, and the dollar amount of the award
  4. Include in the CC line:
    • the faculty chair of your student group/org, and 
    • your contact in the Law School Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) Office, currently Holly Johnson