Recruiting and Informational Events

Each year we get the privilege to meet with thousands of prospective applicants around the world. Until it is safe to travel again, Advanced Degree Programs staff, faculty, and alumni will conduct virtual information sessions and fairs as well as host monthly online information sessions. See below for details on how to join one of our events. Event details will be posted as they are finalized and are subject to change. 

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Upcoming Events:

Connect with us virtually or in person to learn more about Berkeley Law’s LL.M. degree programs! Join our Advanced Degree Programs staff for our monthly Virtual Information Sessions and/or scroll through the calendar below to view our other virtual and in-person events ranging from EdUSA, to DAJV, to a handful of other consortiums. All virtual sessions are listed in Berkeley, California time (Pacific) and all in-person events are listed in the timezone where the event is being held. Here is a Time Zone Converter to find the time of each session in your location.

Click the session titles in the calendar below for more details on individual events and to RSVP.



If your firm or university is interested in hosting an in-person LL.M. information session, please email us at

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