Concurrent Degree Programs

Students who wish to examine the law in an interdisciplinary context may arrange to pursue a J.D. degree at Berkeley Law School and a master’s degree in certain other schools or departments on the Berkeley campus.

A Juris Doctor degree and a master’s degree from another department or school can be earned in four years. The law school requires students to be in residence for their full first year and strongly suggests that students complete the first two years of law school before leaving for another program. The law school also prefers that students be enrolled here in their final semester. Whether students choose to start at the law school or in their master’s program is at their discretion, although it is a good idea to talk to the Berkeley Law Dean of Students about the planned curriculum and schedule.

Note that concurrent J.D.-Ph.D. programs usually are not available because the required completion time exceeds the four years allowed for a concurrent program. 

Separate application and admission to both departments is required. Applications either may be submitted concurrently to both schools or departments in the same year or they can be submitted sequentially, one year after the other. Applications to the law school are welcome from students who are in their first year in one of the other participating schools or departments.

Some students opt to pursue a J.D. at Berkeley and a master’s degree at another institution, such as The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University or The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Students who are enrolled in their first year at Berkeley Law, the Fletcher School, or the Kennedy School may participate in one of the combined degree programs upon admission to one of the other schools. Interested candidates must submit separate applications to the respective schools. Each school will review candidates based on its own admission criteria. Once admitted to both schools, students should coordinate their combined degree programs with the Dean of Students at Berkeley Law and the admissions and student affairs offices at the other institution.  

Degrees Offered Berkeley School or Department


International and Area Studies (510) 642-9656

Asian Studies (510) 642-0333

Economics (510) 642-0824

Energy and Resources Group (510) 642-1640

Jurisprudence and Social Policy (510) 642-3771


Walter A. Haas School of Business Administration
(510) 642-1405

(The MBA program prefers at least 2 years of work experience)

J.D./M.C.P. Department of City and Regional Planning  (510) 643-9440
J.D./M.J. Graduate School of Journalism (510) 642-3383
J.D./M.P.P. Goldman School of Public Policy (510) 642-1940


Graduate School of Social Welfare  (510) 642-9042


Admission to the Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program is completely separate from admission to the School of Law’s professional law (J.D.) program. Although it is possible to work simultaneously toward degrees in both programs, this requires separate admission to each program.

More information about combining the JSP Ph.D. and J.D. degrees is available on this website.